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Default Eleven rack I/O

Put aside the editor to start with you don't need it. You can do all you need from the front panel.
You don't "enable the headphones". The Eleven Rack headphones are an analog mirror of the Main Output. There is a headphone volume that is separately adjustable. The most common reason for no headphone signal but main monitors out working is the headphone volume is turned down or headphone output muted.
To record the microphone you set the input of a mono audio track to "Mic In".
If you want to process that mic signal through the rig set the rig input to "Mic In" (in the front panel user options, or the editor if you really want) and you then create a mono (or stereo if you want) audio track and set the input of that to "Rig Out L" (or "Rig Out L/R"). If you just want to record the dry mic then you don't record the rig output at all.
The dry mic output signal that you would monitor in the headphones come from Pro Tools outputting to Main Out L/R . i.e. you are software monitoring, and you adjust the mix level in Pro Tools on the mic track, and master fader. And then final level using the headphone volume.
All the names in quotes "" are from memory and may be slightly wrong, but will be obvious when you look.
Start simple, start with creating a stereo audio track and drag a known good MP3 onto that track and press play, get that working correctly out the headphones before doing anything else.
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