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Default Pro Tools quits unexpectedly after quitting ?

I've been having a weird error with Pro Tools for a few months now and I thought perhaps it was because I was running 12.4 on Mac OS Sierra. However I've recently updated to High Sierra, 10.13.6, and Pro Tools 2018.12 yet this still happens.

Essentially I will close a session then do command + Q to quit Pro Tools. After the menu bar disappears like the program actually quit, I'll get a message saying Pro Tools has quit unexpectedly and ask if i want to report or reopen.

Any solution to this?

System is a MacBook Pro 15 - Mid 2015
2.8ghz Quad i7
16gb of RAM

Mid 2011 Mac Mini
2.3 GHz i5
OSX 10.10.5
MBox 3
Pro Tools 12.6
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