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Default Re: PT 2019 same video problems

Originally Posted by garnoil View Post
PT 2019, video stops playing randomly, then comes back with message 'missing codec', needs a re-boot from cold every time. Shutting down Pro-Tools and re-starting Pro-Tools is not good enough still comes back with missing CODEC, the computer needs to be shut down and re-started. This happens very often when editing audio (in this case dialogue) in small sections. No improvement form PT 2018.

Mac 12 core, Sierra, 96 Gigs RAM
Blackmagic, latest driver.
Using Pro-Res Proxy 1920X1080

How do we upload the video errors report?

Have you tried a fresh install of OSX and Pro Tools? I have never seen that error in 2018, and thus far 2019 has been smooth sailing though I have only spent about 8 hours working with it. The only video related issue that I have had is when I have a quite short clip playing back on loop - usually when dialing in a clip effect, I might end up with a 'video synchronisation error' message on about the 40th time it loops.

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.6. OSX 10.14.6. HDX. Avid Omni. MacBook Pro 2018. 6 Core i7. 32Gb. 4x mSata SSD Drives + 4x HDD. Blackmagic Intensity PCIe. ATI RX580. Sync HD

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