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Default Pro Tools 10HD TDM Stock Plug-Ins

First, can anyone point me to a link or tell me how I can verify if all the Avid/Digi Plug-Ins I have when downloaded ProTools 10.3.10 from my Products on Avid site? I recently acquired an License for PT10/11HD and I am unsure if the current list of Avid/Digi Plug-Ins I have are ALL there or, if I am missing additional TDM plug-ins. It seems in ProTools 10HD, I have the same basic stock plug-ins that would come with a non-HD or LE version of ProTools.

Second, I purchased Waves Horizon, Studio Classics and Restoration bundles and even though my Waves account says I have an V10 license, I was instructed to download v9.3 installer to work on my HD TDM platform. However, upon installing v9.3, there are a few Waves plug-ins I do not have listed/access to in my drop down menu in ProTools 10HD. Such as "L3-16 Multimximizer" (just to name one). Any ideas on how to get those "missing" plug-ins installed on my platform...after all, I do have the license to use it.
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