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Default Re: Fast Track C400 Left side only audioplayback

Its probably not worth the cost of a repair shop, but if its only the headphone jack that is messed up, you have some options to bypass that issue. 1 option would be to pass the main outs thru a little mixer and connect the headphones to the mixer. Another would be to get a monitor/source switcher, such as Samson C-Control, Mackie Big Knob or Presonus Central Station. I have used the Presonus in my rig for several years and, while its not the "cheap" option, it does give a lot of handy options. Mine allows me to listen to Pro Tools(from my interface), computer audio(optical SPDIF from the computer), any iPhone/iPad(via a mini-TRS cable that is always ready to go). I can also select between 2 sets of speakers, with or without a sub
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