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Default Re: HEAT, NEVE 8048 Listening Challenge

Originally Posted by SOUNDDECISION View Post
But I think this misses the point. All the mixes clearly sound different, but we have no way to know what is what. Its not that people are getting a lot wrong because they all sound the same, it's more there is no point of reference as to what is what. I got I think 11% or something but that wasnt because I couldn't tell the difference it was that I was consistently attributing a sound to the wrong summing device.
It's a double blind test. It's designed to not judge which you prefer, but to see if you can correctly identify what is what without knowing if it switched or not. If the Neve is heads above the Pro Tools mixes, you should be able to pick it every time.

From Wikipedia :
Double-blind describes an especially stringent way of conducting an experiment, usually on human subjects, in an attempt to eliminate subjective bias on the part of both experimental subjects and the experimenters

We added the question in on which you prefer is just a way of letting you see what version you preferred for that loop....
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