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Default Re: HEAT, NEVE 8048 Listening Challenge

Originally Posted by Tom Graham View Post

. To me, the average score of 30% means people can't really hear the difference, it's slightly less than 33% if you randomly pick 3.

But I think this misses the point. All the mixes clearly sound different, but we have no way to know what is what. Its not that people are getting a lot wrong because they all sound the same, it's more there is no point of reference as to what is what. I got I think 11% or something but that wasnt because I couldn't tell the difference it was that I was consistently attributing a sound to the wrong summing device.

To me the difference was HUGE actually. I'd love to take the test simply as pick your favorite sounding sections. THEN see what comes of it.

Its like if you do a preamp shoot pick your favorite sounding choice. You don't sit there and have to say ...oh that must be the 1073, oh thats the Manley... thats the API...oh and that thin one must be a Mackie.

I think this is an important test for all of us but I dont think you can draw the conclusion that they all must sound the same since there are so many wrong answers. Its more that we can hear the difference but have no idea which one is which.....
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