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Default Re: Couldn't get snow leopard install to stabilize from leopard clone update!

You should be fine with a new drive and OS install.

I started with a fresh drive, installed SL, ran software update twice, and then installed PT and plug-ins. I saved all the installers from my recent Mac Pro upgrade, so the whole thing only took a couple hours.

All is running fine here with SL so far. BTW - I am running Waves 6, no problems there.

Just thought I'd let you know Chris, since my system specs are very similar to yours with the PE6R4 chassis, UAD2 card, etc. Also, 8.0.3 was running fine under Leopard with my system too, I just wanted to see how it would work.

I keep an extra internal drive installed just for these major changes. Very easy to go back if things don't go smoothly.
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