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Default Bouncing stems in Real-time Sync problem

Recently I discovered a sync error when bouncing multiple stems in Real-time Bounce. This issue does not happen in Offline Bounce. Here's the scenario: I set up multiple export stem files with interleaved files to export Full Stereo Mix (stereo), Mix Minus Narration (stereo), Music and SFX (stereo), Narration (mono), Dialogue (mono), SFX (stereo), and Music (stereo) in one export. If I use real-time bounce some stem files have the audio delayed 1 frame out of sync. Using Offline Bounce results in correct sync files. I often like to use real-time bounce just to make sure my plug-ins all automate and process correctly. Even though the files begin the tone and 2-pop are delayed 1 frame as well as the audio on the tracks. This is obvious when I zoom in on the clip. This is a big problem as I don't trust that my bounces are the correct sync on a long-form project.
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