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Default Re: IRQ Buffering to improve performance

I would have to agree with bstaley with some of his points. i have not yet read the related link(concerning irq buffering), but as far as upping the compatability of the 001, i think we need to see some progress. i am sure yall (digi engineers) are hard at work on future releases of PT Le, but we the consumers planning on computer upgrades are waiting in limbo on what to purchase. i mean we have spent 900 + dollars to for the 001, so now when we plan any computer upgrade we have to focus on whats gonna work with the 001. i am not angry and i hope i am not coming off that way, but i think that i speak for many people concerning the issue of we dont know what to expect for a future release. Will we see the 001 being compatable with AMD??? What about the new PIV which is uses a different chip structure then the (getting old) PIII. i am looking at upgrading my computer soon for school reasons, and my 2 biggest concerns are, what CPU,MB,RAM combo will benifit me most for my open GL programming, and #2, what will also work with my 001. Will we see the 001 compatable with AMD any time soon???


PS Eric it seems as though you are limited to posting digi's testing of the athlon because it was not 100% compatable with many systems. My arguement would be look at all the problems with even a suggested setup, its still not 100% compatable. i wish there was a way to release some test results.
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