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Default Re: IRQ Buffering to improve performance

Check out this article (

The article says that the tweak is for Windows 9x and Windows 2000, so it must be a fairly new thing. Wouldn't it be worth a try just for the heck of it?!?!

With all of the pressure you guys are getting here regarding Via chipsets and Athlons, I would think you'd want to try just about anything to get it to work. Think of the new user$ you'd get if it did work.

The Athlon is gaining more market share all of the time and when they release the new DDR SDRAM chipsets for Athlons in a few months people will be scrambling to buy them. They should easily outperform the lame i815 chipset and even the Rambus chipsets.

I'm really starting to wonder if ProTools LE was the right way to go. Why is it that so many other platforms can offer more tracks on a huge variety of hardware and operating systems? It seems like with PT LE, you have to have a specific set of hardware, wait for the planets to align, and cross your fingers just to get it to work properly. I'll admit that when it works, it's terrific, but you guys designed this based on a chipset that's currently being phased out (440BX). Six months from now NOBODY will want a 440BX board.

I read today that in January, 1.4Ghz Athlons will be available with the DDR SDRAM (266mhz) chipsets. Think of the plugins you could run on something like that! Nobody is going to be buying a 440BX board with a 'measly' 700-800mhz PIII then. If people want better performance they will almost be forced to choose another platform than PT LE.

I understand that Via and Athlon may be different than 440BX and it would take some effort to get the bugs worked out, but they cannot as different as a Macintosh! You managed to get the code to work for Macs and PCs, but not for Athlons?!?!

What the dillio?

Please don't take any of this as a flame because it's not. My life will go on. I just think that a lot of us are getting frustrated about this whole thing.
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