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Default Audacity Sound, Reaper Sound, Pro Tools NO SOUND

I have the ASIO configuration setup in the control panel using input and output to the mbox. Works just fine with that setup in Reaper. With Audacity I don't see that ASIO control panel, but I do see its output to MME - which is different than Reaper - but never the less works.

I don't see any options in pro tool 10 so send sound to something other than the ASIO driver for the mbox.

I had a similar issue with Cubase and it was some button I had to enable. I've looked all over pro tools and I can't find the similar button.

The fact that reaper is using the mbox tells me pro tools should as well. I see signal levels in protools for recording and during playback - just no sound out of the speakers.

My cubase setup I no longer have and it was in Xp. My current setup is windows 7, pro tools 10 and mbox 1. I have a driver that works from and you can check out the demo here every 30 seconds. There is also asio4all driver - google asio4all - if you want to check it out.

Anyway is protools having a problem with the first gen mbox? Or is there some button like cubase I need to enable.
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