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Default Debating the Switch to 6.4 (001 user)


For the longest time I stayed with 5.3.1 and loved it. Then came rewire and I switched to 6.1 (hated it at first), then upgraded to 6.1.1 and have been running stable sense. Now I'm wondering if I should complete the 001 lifecycle and let it run 6.4. The only advantages I see are the increased fader headroom and the fixed console. The only things are:

1. Will I lose my D-Fi? My 001 came with D-Fi & Maxim (authorization cards). As far as I know, they have to be Ilok authorized with 6.4+. I could care less about Maxim, but D-Fi is too good to lose.

2. Will I run as stable as I do with 6.1.1? Right now there's rarely a problem - a glitch every once and a while. I just want to be able to run smooth without more problems - and I don't want to give up any more CPU just to run the program itself (I need all I can get for RTAS plug-ins).

Any advice?


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