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Default No Sound w/ Dante Virtual Soundcard

Originally Posted by igetnosleep View Post
Hi Guys,

I have been trying to sort a similar problem out for a few days. Pro tools can see DVS and all my outputs are working, but I can't seem to get an input. I've checked though my PT I/o settings and the routing of Dante Controller and as far as I can see everything look correct. Any suggestions?



Not much info here. Folks here cannot guess what you think "looks correct" is. How about posting shots of playback engine and IO input/output/bus dialog panels and the IO selectors on say the mix window track you are trying to use. And what input from what interface, what mic/DI box etc., recording what exactly to what track? And what debugging have you done to confirm there is a signal present at that input... (can you monitor it through hardware monitoring for example).

What exactly did you do for a few days? Trash prefs? Default all the IO? Try a new empty session? Reinstall any software? (those are the pretty standard steps you should have tried).
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