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Default Re: Yes to cloud collaboration!

I totally see the use for a lot of production houses, but we already do that without the risk of 3rd party storage (Avid Cloud?) that I am sure we will have to pay a monthly or annual fee for an allotted amount of space by using private shared storage... I can share the data with anyone anywhere pretty easily already so why is this such a great thing?

1.Pay for this cloud storage is how much per amount of data?
2.Security of said "Avid Cloud" is what?
3. Can they GUARENTEE my sessions can never be hacked into or breached or stolen or shared?
4. Does this solve the same session being opened by simultaneous users ast the same time(most likely not, and that's the main feature most people I know would want)?
5. Is this just another Proxy server with a fancy name? Cause I can already create one now without paying Avid for their version.

Is there any kind of spect data post about this somewhere yet?
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