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Default Re: Pro Tools 8 & Akai MPK49 Keyboard Controller

Originally Posted by karrade View Post
I'd just like to make one point to digidesign... In the early eighties all manufacturers got together to make electronic music easier to create and to make all equipment compatible through a marvelous system called MIDI. I'd like to thank digidesign on behalf of all of us with keyboards not made by M-Audio for trying to break down over 25 years worth of communication and harmony in the electronic music industry by making things incompatible once again.

Well done... You must be proud of yourselves.
Its funny you speak of this cause it was digidesign in the beginning that actually created MIDI time code (MTC) which standardized MIDI syncing between hardware and software. At the same time i agree with you thinking that if they did this then they should want to make it where you can use all controllers with their software.
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