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Default Re: Pro Tools 8 & Akai MPK49 Keyboard Controller


Ok I have finally got this one resolved. Follow these steps then it should work for you too.

1. Download and install PT8.0.1

2. Download and install the latest firmware update for the MPD32 (or any other controller you may be using)

3. Use the vyzex program to edit the controller and turn the midi thru on.

4. Before you open pro tools you need to set the controller up with the correct cc messages. All of the cc values are on midi channel 16 (16A on the MPD32). Below i have converted the hex code to the decimal (or cc value) for each control.

mute switches = 0 - 7

Faders = 64 - 71

Bank left/right = 28 - 29
up and down switch = 26 - 27 (needed to control plugins)

Plugin knob controls = 72 - 77 (the up and down switch banks through all the parameters in any plugin)

Transport = Set to MMC

4. Save all these settings in the controller.

5. Download and install the cs-10 template from digidesign (this now works in PT8.0.1)

6. open pro tools and go to the peripherals window and select cs10 as your controller. then set your midi in and midi out. Then to finish the transport setup go to machine control tab and enable slave.

7. thats it your done... Check out the soundonsound article on this. it was a great help.

any problems just post up. ill check back and help out if i can.

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