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Default My $.02 (I always come back to PT)

I'll admit that I have had my issues with Pro Tools. I started in 2010 with 8 or an LE version I think. Much like a lot of you I have decided, go with Logic, or Ableton, or Studio One, or..... I have them all in one version or another.
Turns out I ALWAYS come back to Pro Tools. Even with the issues, it's still FAR the best in my opinion. Trust me, I WANTED to get away.
That being said, 12.6.1 seems to have fixed a lot of stuff and is stable. Actually, 11 on has been stable for me.
I was hoping that now we could stop the AVID bashing, which yes, I have done, and use this forum to help each other with how to's as it was intended.
I learn a lot on here even after 6 years.
I think if I hadn't blown out my ears playing in bands, that I could do this professionally and I am self taught with your help and
Thank you for your support.
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