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Default Automation Follows Edit making me crazy

OK, so I thought I understood this preference, but it's been causing me numerous headaches over the past couple of days, so maybe someone can clear it up for me or else confirm that it's not working as intended.

With "Automation Follows Edit" turned off, shouldn't I be able to edit a region and have any automation on that track remain untouched? Cuz it doesn't work like that if you're in Slip Mode. If I'm trimming a region on a track with volume and EQ automation, the automation is moving along with my trims no matter what "Automation Follows Edit" preference is set to.

Also, why can I no longer separately copy & paste automation unless "Automation Follows Edit" is turned on? I swear I used to be able to copy/paste/nudge/move all kinds automation just by selecting it and doing normal copy/paste commands, but now it doesn't work at all UNLESS that preference is turned on, even if there is no "Edit" (region) to speak of on the track (i.e. a VCA or Aux track w/automation)

I'm on PTHD 10.2 on 10.7.4. I have trashed prefs, but seeing this on both my PTHD10 rigs so don't think it's a unique thing. Seems to have changed around 10.2 update from what I can tell. I work as a music editor and have a lot of perspective / futz automation to deal with and these strange behaviors are making it very difficult to cut in alternate cues and move start/end times around while keeping the automation locked in.
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