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Originally Posted by Jamie Mac View Post
Also, business decisions are very often made to reduce costs.

Lower cost = more profit.
Yes. And the M10 didnít make them a profit so it was canned.
And if the S4 is a failure in sales, it will also be canned.

The M10 is still available on the used market. (And per some retailers, on the new market for now until stock is out.) Make your buying decisions based on whatís available now. You not buying the M10 (along with everyone else waiting for ďwhatís nextĒ) killed it. The S4 being cheaper to produce might keep it afloat.

You wanted a cheaper product (donít we all) with the same features as the more expensive one and didnít get it. Avid isnít going to suddenly end the S4 for you. Time to move on. And if you are serious about purchasing a S6-M10, track one down now. Otherwise this is more talk and talk doesnít keep products alive; sales do.

(And the last truly good faders were those found on the original 408 fader module for the S5. And those were scrapped to cheaper ones under Avid for being too expensive. Everything has been far worse since then. Just different degrees of worse. The D-Control faders were no beacon of virtue. And the S6 feel cheap but itís what we got. The S4 faders have also been mentioned to be differently attached than the S3. So an in-person demo might be the only determination vs paper descriptions.)
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