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Originally Posted by Mishabou View Post
Why would someone buy the S4 ? Less buttons, cheaper faders (rep told me they are S3 faders) for the same price as the S6M10.
Because they have killed off the M10 which was a superior product.
Making the S4 now the cheapest option, only big no-go is the cheap faders.

As soon as the stock of M10's dries out, the only option for customers in search of high quality faders is the M40. A huge blow for anyone in post, who wants the best possible faders to ride all day but isn't interested in the displays etc..

Eddie said somewhere else, that "most people think the S3 faders are great"..

A statement I find hard to believe. I wonder how many S6 users they questioned. Compared to the S6 and ICON faders, the ALPS faders are toys.

To give you an idea:

A replacement S3 fader costs 35 euro
A replacement S6 fader costs 125 euro
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