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Default Re: iLok and Digi 003

Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
I couldn't tell if there was a question in there, but the fact remains that you can sell the 003 at will without needing to perform any sort of iLok transfer. The buyer will be able to use it just fine as the drivers are freely available.
Interjecting on this old thread... I think I know what he means.

What he is asking is the same question I have since I am also selling my 003. We know the person can upgrade or use the free licenses on their own once they have the unit, but is there something one must do to prevent that person (buyer) from being able to access the active licenses previously used with the unit? I have the 10-12 upgrade and am using a different hardware now, but I don't want to sell my license- only the 003 itself. Will the buyer be able to see/use my license if he plugs it in?
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