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Default Re: New HUI user-want to know tips & tricks

Hello zealous,
The cool thing about the Mackie (which I have used for almost 2 years now) is that you can use it almost anyway you want. I have been making an effort to get away from still using the mouse. Except for page scrolling you can do that. I like the Mackie because it will adapt to the way you work. You do have to find a few of the features that are burried but they are pretty deep.
I actually found out more about the effects controls by talking to McDSP about the filter Bank EQ and then applied it to all the other plug-ins. I have to admit as I have learned the Pro-Tools system using the Mackie to its fullest has been at the bottom of my list. But now that I feel comfortable with the system as a whole, I will explore what the best ways to control the system are with the mackie.

No unfortunately there is no written data that will tell you everything you need to know on how to use it. That would be unfortunate though because why limit yourself to how someone else may use it and think that is all there is. It is a pretty deep controller. My favorite function when I am tracking (by the way this is a use that is not listed clearly anywhere) I use the Flip switch while tracking to use the faders to control the headphone mixes. You can switch quickly between sends and have all the volume controls at your finger tips. The only thing I wish I could do is copy the Sends fader settings to the main for playback listening. Oh well Maybe later.

So Play with the thing and dig deep. It is a fun little tool.
Mark Johnson
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