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Originally Posted by mholley View Post
Hello all,

When listening back using SPDIF form my Scarlett 6i6, I can hear it if I select channels 3/4 as output, but not if I select channels 1/2?

Any thoughts of ideas here? I realize I need to supply more info, just not sure what would assist?

Thanks in advance,


I have the Scarlett 8i6 and which has S/PDIF in and out. You have to make sure to properly set up your Pro Tools IN/OUTs. It should recognize the S/PDIF as a valid input.

For output, I"m not sure what you're trying to do. I have the S/PDIF outs from the 8i6 going directly to the S/PDIF inputs on my JBL Studio monitors. How do you have your S/PDIF output routed from the 6i6? If you've properly set up the Pro Tools input and outputs to recognize the 6i6 routings, then the Master output from PT should go into your 6i6 and the output of the 6i6 will be whatever you've got it hooked up to be. From what you describe, it sounds like you've got something plugged in to the 3-4 outputs, but not 1-2?

Need a bit more specifics on what is hooked up to what in your set up and whether or not you've properly set up the IN/OUT routings in Pro Tools.
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