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Default Re: Announcing SampleTank 4

Originally Posted by Peter - IK Multimedia View Post
You shouldn't! If you need help please reach out. I think it really sounds SO great, and of course I'm biased but even so... Here's what a user created (this is not an IK example) which is quite nice - the were going for a "live" feel and I really like what they ended up with:

Click here to hear the example
Thanks Pete. The user demo does sound quite good for straight out of the box.

One question I have regarding DSP. Like many others I do my composing in another DAW, Logic. I prefer to not with multis much because freezing them to free up your CPU can become a bit of a nightmare. My usual approach would be to duplicate the tracks and mute the other elements, that way I can freely and independently freeze different parts of the multi when I need to.

Anyway, I was wondering, when it comes to ST4, how does it, to Logic handle it's memory. Am I multiplying the resources ST4 uses by duplicating the multis, or would each instance reference the same memory??

Feel free to ask around at the office!! Haha!!

In other news, I have a suggestion to make... more world/ethnic instruments and other exotic sound design elements. It's these types of elements that can help set productions apart and make them sound more "professional."
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