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Default Re: Eleven Rack direct monitoring always on

Originally Posted by Vercingetorix View Post
Hello All,

I tried trashing the Prefs, re-establishing the I/O because they were gone, Arming/disarming tracks and using the Low Latency thingy to get the Eleven Rack from sending its signal through Pro Tools all to no avail.

However there is one thing I never thought to mention too busy dealing with the heat, tiredness and generally not feeling well about my current situation - long story. So, I'll bring it up now because it might be at the root of this problem. Anyway when even I go to use ProTools I have to turn on the Eleven Rack, ProTools tells me to turn on the hardware or cancel out of the booting up process, then I turn on my monitors. But a couple of days ago I didn't boot up ProTools, I switched on the Eleven Rack, turned on the monitors and too my surprise the Eleven Rack was magically coming through the monitors without being in ProTools or having any tracks armed - it wasn't coming through the PC speakers only the monitors. So would this be the root of my problem - sound coming through the monitors but not in area way related to ProTools?!? Or is this normal behaviour?

Thankyou And Regards.
That behavior sounds normal. You can use the Eleven Rack without Pro Tools being opened or even having the unit connected to a computer.
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