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Default SSD4 OH and Room issue?

For all my projects I use SSD4. I have all the expansion packs which IMO sound very good. For a long while now I've suffered the same issue.

I get the drummer to play the part on the electric kit using SSD4, when I'm happy with the midi I record each drum to its own separate audio track this is where my issues start I find that the OH and Room mics always come up very weak on the track so I use clip gain to increase the wave form. This then only gives me a little travel on the channels slider before the Room/OH just swamp the mix. I've tried compression, EQ, multiband compression but nothing helps me to get the OH/Room mics to sit right in the mix so that the drums sound glued together and not like a cymbal swamped mix. The room mics either sound like they are doing nothing to the mix I then turn them up maybe 2-3 db and they are just way to present and over powering to the drum sound.

Does any body else have this issue and is it just an SSD4 sample problem.

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