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Default Re: Can't log into my AVID master account

Originally Posted by S_t_a_n_l_e_y View Post
I'm also having this problem. The email address I used to sign up for my Avid account is my old .edu address from college. I no longer have access to this email account. I requested a password reset for my Avid account, and I got the link (apparently my old .edu is still forwarding to my current email address) but the reset request seemed to fail. Possibly my Avid account was already locked from too many failed login attempts. Is it possible to update my Avid account to my personal email? Any help is much appreciated.
Hi, we can't find any Avid Account connected to your current Email registered on the duc. Also, Email addresses registered under your name also are not connected to any Avid Account. Can you update your Email inside your profile or send us a message with your current Avid Account Email so we could check further?

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