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Default Re: Please help with Air Instrument Expansion Pack upgrade to enable iLock

Originally Posted by DC-Choppah View Post
From the Air site

If you have directly purchased an AIR software title previously, you can use the Authorization Code for any eligible AIR title as a Promo Code during checkout. You would have received an email with the Authorization Code when you purchased the eligible title (current AIR Instrument or FX title as of 4/26/2016 are eligible).

Visit the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Complete or AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 3 Select page.
Click Upgrade Now.
Add the title to your shopping cart.
During checkout, enter the Authorization code from an eligible AIR title in the Promo Code field to obtain the discount pricing.

This is nor working for me when I use my 'Digital Rights' as a promo code. But that is all I have. I sent them an email but they ignore me and don't reply.

Interesting and conflicts with the info from this page:
wherein there's this:

Users who own previous versions of the AIR Instrument Expansion Pack, the AIEP 3 SELECT or a single AIR Music Technology instrument can upgrade for just $149.99 by entering their existing products serial number when asked for a promotional code during checkout. Need help? Please contact

They can't seem to get their ****e straight can they?

Have you tried the age-old thing of a different browser? Shouldn't have to.
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