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Default Re: quick punch with a footswitch 002r

Get quick enough with edits and that foot switch will go away. I had one for about a day and realized that a pre roll is all you need. Make markers through the song where a FIX needs to go and then just tab to the marker, seect your part and record. The pedal got old.

My .02 cents.

I agree with Guitarhead. Most keyboardists will be comfortable recording while glued to a workstation table because they are a) used to having their instrument of choice perched right there in front of them, and b) used to sitting down at a station to play it. I'm a guitarist first. So sitting down when I'm playing (bellied up to a desk) is not a comfortable playing posture... at least for me.

Plus, in home or small studio situations where room is at a premium, sitting at the desk and playing an analog instrument (guitar, harmonica, brass, woodwind, percussions, vocals, etc...) means cramped quarters: you either have to queue pre-roll and play/sing sitting down (and risk dinging an instrument that's hanging around your neck or being held in the off-hand) or queue pre-roll, get up, get in position and hope you don't miss your queue. Not efficient at all unless you make provisions to mess up the first pass and plan on loop recording multiple dubs.

As a guitarist first and keyboardist second, I find that standing up to play is most comfortable (stage habit.) Tough to do that and point & click at the same time. So I prefer to set-up preroll and play in a normal posture - completely hands-off everything but the instrument so I can focus on playing and not engineering. I feel a foot switch enables that. But that's just me...

BTW... what make & model of foot switch works best with the 002/003? Preferably one I can purchase at like Sweetwater or Guitar Center? It's almost like a best-kept Digidesign secret...
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