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Default PT & Catalina & Subscription

Hi guys,

I have a perpetual license for PT 12.5 from a while back, was working great until I had to keep upgrading my Mac OS.

Now that Iíve upgraded to Catalina 10.15.3 Iím wondering the following:

1) Does PT now have Catalina compatibility?

2) If so Iím thinking of going with the new subscription based license as there does not appear to be perpetual license for the current version.

In the past they would have upgrade (crossgrade) discounts, is there any such discount/offer for the current version?

3) If I go the month to month route at $35, does that allow me to cancel & resubscribe as I please?

For example, letís say Iím in town for a month using PT daily, then I go out of town for 4 months, could I cancel after the first month, then resubscribe after the 4 months are up, then repeat this process as needed depending on my amount of usage?

Thanks guys!

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