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Default Re: Favorite Aqua Plugins

I bought few AA plugins during their last sale - 70 % off !
And I bought Navy2 recently with an intro price of 59 .
Navy 2 is a fantastic tool btw.

Sound wise a lot of the AA stuff is up there with UAD.
(Btw, I use UAD a lot. Waves not so much.)

But unfortunately, AA is still not running too smooth in Pro Tools.
Even though there have been a lot of progress last year.
I also just found out about using Patchwork with Pro Tools,
but haven't had time to look into it yet.

AA is not like any other company, and I like their way of doing things.
And over at FB, you have quite a special community,
where you can talk directly to the developers. I visit daily.
You got to be a member though.


BTW ...
When it comes to Reaper, I've tried to get into it, but no go.
It can never replace Pro Tools in my setup.

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