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Default Re: -9173 Error Finally Gone?

I see those errors and PT being sluggish and laggy whenever I copy stuff over the network in the background.
I have scheduled backups running to my NAS over 10Gbe (has been the same with 1Gbe) every hour for the external SSD I mostly am working on. As soon as the file transfer to the NAS starts PT freaks out and is nearly unusable. It throws -9173 all the time, and there's input and GUI lag out the yin yang.
When the transfer is finished all goes back to normal.

Also in workspace there's a lot of APFS snapshots mounted, whenever this behaviour occurs. And when there's two drives with the same name connected (I had a backup drive for audio stuff named "audio" while also having an internal drive with that same name). Pro Tools doesn't like that at all. I guess they will need another decade at least until they arrive in the year 2020 with their programming staff.

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