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Default Recording into SSD?

Originally Posted by Rockman413 View Post
Hi ,

Normally we record 100 tracks at a time into a hard drive, now we have the option to record into a SSD.

Performance wise SSD is better, but I heard that SSD only have a limited time of writing/reading, if you reach that time, that Data would be gone/corrupt, so is it really safe to record into SSD instead of hard drive?

Thank you

Good SSDs are likely overall more reliable than the HDDs you have been recording to. NAND cell wear is just not an issue, it's all hidden from you by the controller.

And if the drives are portable or in desktop enclosures that get moved around occasionally then SSD is likely much more reliable than HDD.

But all this device reliability is really about convenience. Your recordings are not reliably saved until they are on multiple different media in multiple different locations.

The thing that (today's consumer/prosumer) SSDs are not great at is long term archival storage. High quality HDD are great for that (and so is HDD in the cloud/online, and optical disc and digital tape (like LTO storage for large facilities) still have places in this puzzle).

It is not safe to just say "SSD", there are different SSD NAND storage devices that span orders of magnitude in performance and expected life. You should be describing your computer and needs and asking what SSD to purchase.

The blazing fast speed of modern PCIe based SSD like in the MacBook Pro mentioned above mean you can typically mix samples and audio sessions on the SSD boot drive. Even with disk cache disabled, with disk cache enabled you still benefit with faster startup times and can still get overall more reliable operation (fewer hitting disk IO problems). If you have the option look at these PCIe (and ideally NVMe) SSD drives.

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