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Default Advice on comatose home studio -- God Bless your kind heart if you can help!!!

Hi all knowing people of ProTools!

After a hiatus of 2+ years due to a pixelating screen, I am slowly trying to resurrect my home studio I first put together in the 2008 timeframe (see signature for setup). I record primarily voice and soft synths.

What plan of action for my current situation will give me the best value i.e. a balance between quick relief and the best bang for the buck? I am looking at:

A) replicating my previous setup on a new laptop (thereby giving me a mobile option) and/or
B) taking the disk in to a tech and start from trying to resurrect my older setup as it were.
C) Upgrading everything that can or needs to be, both software and hardware, essentially starting anew researching what kind of studio I need to put together and then saving up money to buy new toys.

I don't have a personal laptop so my personal preference is towards leveraging A) and B) in parallel. C) would be great if I had the cash and knowledge ready, both of which will need a significant time and capital investment when all I want to do is get back to making music!

Any thoughts or pointers to resources I can read up on to figure this out are much appreciated! I initially went by tweakheadz to setup my rig but with that site no longer being updated, I need a way more handholding in figuring out what all has changed from a tactical standpoint.

Lastly, if you are in the Minneapolis St-Paul area, I am happy to take you out to lunch for your troubles guiding me
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