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Default Re: Massive won't show in Pro Tools 8

Originally Posted by Benoni View Post
I don't have Massive so I may be way off here, but according to the Native Instruments page version 1.4.2 is only available as AAX native.... you are on PT LE8, so you need the RTAS version. Try an older version.
The latest updates to several NI synths took out RTAS format plugins but still have vst, au and aax. It's for reasons like this I keep saved off to disk all my old installers so if I need to back date something I can.
Originally Posted by saremus View Post
It supports:
Stand-alone, VST, Audio Units, ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI, AAX Native (Pro Tools 10 or higher)

I run Superior Drummer as a VST-plugin and its working fine, and as it shows above, my version of Massive supports VST. This version worked on my last computer(also windows7).

Besides, I couldn't find a place to download an older version to find out if that would work.
How are you running SD as a vst in PT? Via the old defunct fxpansion wrapper? PT any version never supported vst plugins directly; you had to use a wrapper or something like the current Blue Cat Audio MB7-2 or Patchwork to host the vst or au version. I'd suggest getting either one or both of those to host Massive. Then again depending on the age of your system (and it is old if you're running PT8) the operating system might not support Massive/MB7-2/Patchwork.
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