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Default Re: Error DAE cant get audio from drives fast enough -9073 error on BIG MIX SESSION

K gotta download that SiSoft Darryl. My computer is fully optimized to the T.
My drivers are all up to date, as of yesterday, including the Motu drivers. it's running at 44.1 right now. I can go up to 2048 on my buffer for Motu but Pro tools on recognizes 1024 for non HD version. Don't have the 1500$ to upgrade to that. Playback is max on the delay compensation, 8 cores used. The rest have to check can't remember. All HD's are 7200rpm and internal don't know any technical jargon en them besides that.

"What standard debugging steps have you tried? E.g, Trashing prefs and databases? Increase IO buffer size? Tested with a clean new session? Are all your plugins installed (just installed, not even instantiated) up to date/compatible with Pro Tools and your OS version? Have you tried removing all third party plugin files from Pro Tools? Etc. Etc."

Buffer size is maxed out when mixing, I defragged HD's, ran CCleaner to clean up computer. Checked all drivers are up to date on everything.
Don't know what trashing prefs or databases means. For the plugins I just installed them so not sure....."not even instantiated" except that they are compatible with Windows 7 service pack 1(my OS).

Removing all third party plugins works just fine. It only happens when I add plugins and mostly Nebula plugins(1 Nebula plugin uses 1 to 3 full cores of cpu power for Reverbs their big cpu suckers).

I will check by tomorrow with that program you said.
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