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Default Re: Current State of Exchange Program

That's very interesting that he was that candid with you.

Some things to think about:

If the offer were still here, and you traded in your HD core card to get the HD Native card and software for $1500 (I think it was more closer to $1600) and then traded in your 192 to get $1000 off the Omni, then you will be paying about $3500-3600.

But, you will no longer have the HD core card or 192 to sell. You will just have your 2nd Accel card and your Sync IO to sell.

Now consider just buying the HDN/Omni brand new, without a trade in. It would be $1500 more, but, you'd still have the HD core card and 192 to sell.

I would think that you could get at least $1500 for those. So in the long run, I think it ends up working out the same either way, when all is said and done, and if you didn't want to hassle with trying to buy a used Mbox to trade in.

Plus, if you just bought it outright, and sold your HD2 and 192 as a complete system, you might actually get a little more for it. The idea being that a complete HD2 system might be more appealing to buyers, rather than buying just an accel card, and then still having to buy a core card, and then an interface. The value of the sum of the parts might be greater than the whole.

Not only that, but dealers have more profit margin on the brand new systems than they do on the trade up deals. So they may be able to give you a proportionally bigger discount on a new system.

So you may want to consider your options.

On a side note, your Sync IO doesn't qualify for any trade up, so you'll need to sell that and get a new Sync HD (if you still need a unit like that).
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