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Default Re: Current State of Exchange Program

Avid usually changes their specials with each quarter. Sometimes they hold over old ones and continue, and sometimes they have new ones.

So the end of June, beginning of July would be a time to check and see if there's a new special. That's not too long from now.

When they had that special before, at that time it wouldn't have made much sense to TDM owners, because you probably could have gotten a better deal by selling your system outright. I think that previous special was aimed more at the old Mix core card users.

Now, with PT11 making HD Native more powerful, combined with the lower after market value of TDM systems (being end of lifed), it would be a great time for Avid to bring back this special again, or something like it.

Again, I would wait until the end of June and see what the new specials are, before making a decision.

Also, be aware that they still have the ongoing special for interface trade ups by themselves. Trading in any old HD interface gets you $1000 off any of the new HD interfaces. This has been an ongoing program.

Doesn't help with the core card, but it's something to be aware of. Might help if you want more than one interface (besides whichever one is bundled with the system).

But again, give it a little time.

Worse case scenario, you can see about buying a cheap used Mbox 2 Pro, doing the transfer of ownership, and trading that in. Then selling your existing TDM system outright.
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