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Default Pro Tools M-Powered vs. Pro Tools First issues

I own Pro Tools M-Powered 8 software from several years ago, as well as an M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Together, these have satisfied my needs for music composition. Unfortunately, a few things have gone awry recently which seem to make my continued use of Pro Tools M-Powered not feasible. Here is why:

1. Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7, which means that for the sake of my security, I have switched to Windows 10.

2. I can't seem to get my Pro Tools M-Powered 8 plus Fast Track Pro to work on my Windows 10 computer.

So I tried downloading Pro Tools First. It seems alright, since all I really do is use the MIDI sequencer with Xpand2 instruments anyways. But what I really want to do is be able to save my many music projects to my hard disk, just as I was able to do previously with my Pro Tools M-Powered 8 setup ... but Pro Tools First limits me to 3 projects.

Is there a way for me to continue using the sorts of features I enjoyed with my previous Pro Tools M-Powered 8 setup? I spent nearly $500 on software and hardware, and I don't want to be told, "Your stuff is obsolete, pay us another couple hundred dollars to continue your hobby."
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