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Default Re: Unable to maintain original timecode locations

Sometimes it feels like a mystery. Here's what I check:

-all tracks visible
-no visible clips before desired timecode start (obviously)
-no markers (Memory Locations) before the desired timecode start
-no clips in playlists before ... start.

Then go just ahead of the desired timecode start, even just 5 frames, select all tracks, and type command-option-/(forward slash) to create an "anchor point" on all write-able automation lanes on every track.

Then, go back one frame, still with all tracks selected, and type shift-return, to select everything from the beginning of the session to this point just past your desired timecode start.

Then in the edit menu, select "clear special...all automation".

This should maintain the integrity of any automation done AFTER the "anchor point", and clear any automation before your desired start timecode.

You should be able to change your start timecode at this point.

If not, let me know, and we can brainstorm another solution.


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