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Default Re: I seem to be very limited in the amount of tracks I can playback

Originally Posted by bradch00 View Post
It would be easier for us to help you if you put your system specs in your signature, I found this from a previous post of the OP, have at 'r folks...

"Computer model and processor speed: Macbook and 2ghz intel core 2 duo
OS: Mac OS x version 10.6.8
Pro Tools 9 version 9.0.5.
4gb of RAM
Attached directly to the computers USB ports I have my Zoom R24 interface and a 10-port USB hub, plugged into that I have a USB MIDI converter, my Ilok, my Alesis USB speakers, and occasionally a USB micro card reader and a 40 GB hard drive. I have unplugged all of this down to just the bare minimum to run pro tools and record (Zoom R24, and Ilok).
I also have an external monitor plugged in via a converter.
and 1 firewire disk drive and 1 firewire hard drive but like I said I have unplugged all of this and the problem persists so it is not in the connections."

So I guess I have to ask, what drive are you recording to?
Given what you found, and if he has indeed disconnected everything except what he says, I'd assume he's recording to his system drive.

What's confusing is when he says he has 1 firewire disk drive and 1 firewire hard drive. Those are both disk drives, right?

I'm also thinking he's run out of bandwidth on either the FW or USB bus (or both). 40 gig hard drive on the USB bus? Do they even make drives that small anymore?
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