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Default Re: I seem to be very limited in the amount of tracks I can playback

It would be easier for us to help you if you put your system specs in your signature, I found this from a previous post of the OP, have at 'r folks...

"Computer model and processor speed: Macbook and 2ghz intel core 2 duo
OS: Mac OS x version 10.6.8
Pro Tools 9 version 9.0.5.
4gb of RAM
Attached directly to the computers USB ports I have my Zoom R24 interface and a 10-port USB hub, plugged into that I have a USB MIDI converter, my Ilok, my Alesis USB speakers, and occasionally a USB micro card reader and a 40 GB hard drive. I have unplugged all of this down to just the bare minimum to run pro tools and record (Zoom R24, and Ilok).
I also have an external monitor plugged in via a converter.
and 1 firewire disk drive and 1 firewire hard drive but like I said I have unplugged all of this and the problem persists so it is not in the connections."

So I guess I have to ask, what drive are you recording to?
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