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Default Re: 11R updating Firmware Windows 7

Originally Posted by jrockbridge View Post
I did just read that there is non-compatibility with IE9 but I'm not sure I understand why that would even matter since I don't use IE. I use Chrome. Still, I suppose I can remove IE9 and install IE8. Does the Firmware Updater try to open IE or something?
I would start with uninstalling IE9. Whether or not you actually use IE9 in practice is of no consequence. Internet Explorer is intimately tied into Windows, which i wont go into here.

So start by uninstalling IE9. Go to Control Panel> Programs & Features, and uninstall IE9, IE8 'should' automatically be reinstated. Re-boot, then try the updater again. Make sure to RIGHT CLICK the installer and choose Run As Administrator instead of just double clicking.

If IE9 is in fact the problem, once you uninstall it and install the update, you can then re-install IE9 - just keep in mind if you decide to purchase the ERXP (which you should consider IMO) then you will need to uninstall IE9 again in order to install the ERXP firmware 2.0.1, barring of course a fix for the IE9/ERXP conflict.
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