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Default Re: Quick stupid connection question Digi002-Rosetta 800-96kHz-S/MUX

Crud, right after I post this, then I find somebody complaining about the same thing. Sorry.

Dear Digi, why don't you make S/mux accessible to' all PT Le and M- Powered software?? It will be' a great improvement and helps dozens of professional that work on live scenarios. This limitations on Pt le and m-powered are bad for all the people that love to' work in studio with HDs and really like to' work outside Studios with a simple but powerfull system with a laptop and a rock-solid softrware like yours. Take a look, in a period where more manufacters of live consoles start to' use this protocol, and m-audio built a very nice tool like Lightbridge....take care of this request. Regards, Stefano

Unfortunately the Digi 002 doesn't suppor 96k over its lightpipe inputs. This is one of the most glaring omissions on that interface in my opinion. I have one as well, and even if they had supported SMUX for 4 96k channels over lightpipe I would have been happier! If the rosetta has a lightpipe output, you can use it as an additional 8 inputs but only at 44.1 or 48k. If you hear of any way around that limitation let me know although if anyone has found a way around it it's definitely a hack.
Use your ears, but I'm betting that the appogee converters will still be better than Digi's stock converters.
Just to clarify (amixer), the 002 *will* do 96k via lightpipe. But only in s/pdif mode which is therefore two channels only.

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