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Default Re: Is This G5 Good for pro tools or is it to much

Originally Posted by Craig F View Post
depends on how much he's asking
a quick search that model is between $1400 and $2020
a Apple referb Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz quad is $2400

G5 is at the bottom of the PT8 compatibly list and Apple might be making 10.6+ Intel only
also is this a liquid cooled model? the cooling system is known to leak after some time.

personally I'd only do it if I could get it at the low end or below the range
Do some searching on the forums here as there have been some discussions about this. A lot of folks are getting better or equal performance with later Macbooks, Which have a much longer shelf live. As pretty as it is there's not much to see here. If Apple drops PPC support your going to end up with a elegant doorstop.

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