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Default Re: Real time SR conversion via spdif - Avid HD IO

Originally Posted by dsumich View Post
Hey guys, found this old thread. I have the exact same issue. I have the Digital I/O card installed in my 96 HD I/O, but not sure how to utilize it. Would I just use a cable to run from the s/pdif output of the OX to the optical s/pdif input on the expansion card of the I/O? Something like this?

If that happens to work, do you have to do anything to kick in the SRC, or does it happen automatically?
Never mind this question. I think I understand from Darryl's post above you need the converter from s/pdif to AES/EBU, and then run that into the DB25 digi snake cable that connects to your digital i/o card. I will get the two products linked to above (seems to be about $200 for both these days) and report back how it goes. I am guessing though you still need to turn on SRC in the Hardware Setup Dialog on the Digital tab for which ever channel pair you are i/o'ing on.
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