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Default Re: Ctrl Key Doesn't Work

Originally Posted by chrismeraz View Post
Can anyone help me out? I'm still struggling with this. Not having basic copy and paste shortcuts is killing me, never mind switching between mix and edit views!
Unfortunately I suspect we've pretty much run out of ideas.

What did the Windows 10 keyboard viewer show you? Did it recognized all the keys being pressed, and had the same behavior when you used the on-screen keyboard using the mouse to click on the screen buttons?

I've had a high-end mechanical keyboard that had a hairline crack in the PCB. Depending on how you used it, pressed some keys etc. some other keys nearby (or well in a line across the keyboard following the crack direction) to the one pressed would not work. And that's why I wanted you to check all the keypresses are registering with the keyboard viewer while trying the key combinations.

And/or just try another keyboard.

Check you don't have any third party keyboard mapping utilities installed. maybe something was installed with some other software or somebody else (client in the studio?) might have installed something.

If none of that helps then I'd find/make a spare disk partition and do a full clean install of Windows, Pro Tools and ILM and test.
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