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Default Re: 003 + 11R + ISA428 optimisation

Hi Dave! I’ve seen a lot of your helpful posts in this forum and am honoured you have came to my aid. Thank you!

So basically the AD card has given my ISA the potential to become a more elaborate ADAT octopre then? Recording quality wouldn’t be any different if I was to just run the analogue outputs into channels 5-8 on the 003?

That totally makes sense if that is the case..however other threads have debated the digital conversion qualities of the ISA vs. 002/003 which is now the confusing part. If 003 does all the conversion before it goes to your DAW then how would they know?

11R is already being ran to my 003 that way so will look into getting a wordclock cable :)

This is all super helpful. Thanks again. I really appreciate it!
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