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Default Re: Overhead mic technique - what works for you?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Thanks to OG for spelling that all out. Its a compelling argument. One thing you can also try with a low ceiling is, place the mics out in front of the kit at head height, looking at the kit. Stranger stuff has worked.
Even if I'm cutting at Oceanway, and NOT restricted by the ceiling, I like to used a spaced Pair, as wide to the edge of the cymbals (side of the kit I can go), as LOW and close to the cymbals as possible, from the inside of the kit, pointing out, across the cymbals.

The Higher I go, the less stereo field spread I get, the Shells just kind of morph in with the Brass, in a muddy, more mono representation of the Kit.

Too many "High X Y's" have had me trying to pull the snare DOWN in the mix, and trying to get more Brass, to find all the snare coming through the OH's

I set up a few other mics, for more "Full Kit Representation" -

I like to set up a c24 5ft in front of the kit, around "Sitting drummer Ear level" - But as for my Overheads, I've morphed to this over the last 20 years as a tracking engineer, after mixing a hundred records or so.. many of which "I" tracked, and would be swearing at myself in the mix chair.

I usually have a Close C24 - a stereo wide mid room pair of U87's, a Far room mono Ribbon mic of some sort and a Ride Mic - So i like to keep my OH's as low, close to the brass as possible, and isolated directionally from the shells, especially if I have a hard hitter (Which is most of the time)

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